Odysée Hom

Oil on canvas

Anna-Mya was born in Epinal in 1968, 
studied psychology at the University of Toulouse.
Twenty years ago, a violent accident decided her to organize
her life in a completely different way.
She then began taking lessons with several artists
and then turned her professional life mainly to painting.
Anna-Mya is known for her atmospheric scenes and portraits.

The pleasure she has to paint is clearly expressed
in her use of color. She developed her own style,
characterized by spontaneity,
intuitive brush and a good sense of color and balance.
His oil paintings are mainly worked with a palette knife that gives his paintings a touch of modernity.

 Anna-Mya is listed in the directory of well-known artists (Annuaire AKOUN)




Anna-Mya est référencée dans l'annuaire des artistes côtées ( Annuaire AKOUN)